Google-Funded Academics Are Working to Take Away Your Rights 

The Facts

The American Law Institute (ALI) is a group of judges, lawyers, and academics that produces important summaries of laws called “Restatements.” These Restatements are used as Cliff’s Notes or cheat sheets to help judges and others figure out how the law applies.

Now, ALI is preparing a new “Restatement of Copyright” that’s supposed to explain the laws that give you control over your work and protect your right to be paid for its use.

But Google-funded zealots have hijacked the ALI’s process. They aren’t summarizing the law — they’re trying to use this Restatement to change the law to take away your rights. It’s no surprise. In the past, these ALI authors have claimed that copyright is “obsolete” and “a tax on culture.” They’ve even called internet piracy a form of “promotion” that “spurs innovation.”

The Impact

Restatements are used by judges, lawyers, and policymakers to interpret the law. If skewed against creators, your rights will not be protected, tech companies will claim even more control of your work, and you’ll be paid less. Since they can’t get rid of copyright law altogether, these ALI authors are trying the next best thing:

1.     Make it easier for pirate websites to give away your music without paying you. These ALI authors have called piracy “promotion,” argued that shutting down pirate websites “is bad for society,” and decided that your touring revenues will make up for the loss.

2.     Make it easier for Google and its YouTube service to keep unlicensed uploads of your music up, instead of making it easier for you to take them down. These ALI authors have claimed current protections cause “stagnation” and have called for a “specific liability exemption” for search engines.

3.     Make it easier for foreign governments, like China, to sell and profit from bootleg copies of your music and knock-offs of your merch. ALI authors have said bootlegs and knock-offs are simply “creativity.”

The Action You Can Take

1.     Visit StopALI.com, hit the “Tweet” Button to tweet at ALI and share the link.

2.     Demand on the ALI Facebook page that the Copyright Restatement project be stopped.

3.     Forward this to friends and colleagues and get them involved!

4.     If you want to do more, let us know and we’ll help you to be heard.