Music rights are changing... and so are we!

Up until now, MusicAnswers has been a loose confederation of nearly 3300 music creators and fans and several important groups from across the country. Now we’re becoming a real grown-up, not-for-profit member organization.

We’re getting ready to rumble. 

We’re ready to tackle the issues that face music creators today, and we’re prepared to take on the people who want to devalue our music or take it for free. 

And we’re headed to D.C. to fight for our rights. 

Decisions are being made right now in Washington that will impact how (or if) we get paid for the use of our music. Record companies, music publishers, and other stakeholders are at the table. We want to make sure the voices of all music creators—songwriters, composers, performers, and producers—are heard loud and clear. So we’ll be using the power of our numbers and collaborating with like-minded groups to make this goal a reality.

Are you with us? 

You’re receiving this message because you are a MusicAnswers signatory. But we'd like to upgrade you to membership status :-) There's no cost or obligation, although as a non-profit we're always very appreciative of contributions in any amount. 

Please let us know if we can count on your continued support!