An Open Letter to

Performing Rights Organizations and Music Publishers


For as long as collective licensing of music rights has existed, songwriters and composers the world over have enjoyed the freedom to choose the organizations that collect and distribute the performance royalties generated by our work. We regard this choice of a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) as an exclusive and inalienable right; it is fundamental and inviolate.

We understand that this right is being challenged by some music publishers.

On behalf of music creators around the world, we call on all performing rights organizations and all music publishers to declare their commitment to the principle that all music creators have the right to choose the organizations that represent them 


Alliance for Women Film Composers

Artist Rights Alliance

Australian Guild of Screen Composers

Council of Music Creators/MusicAnswers

Music Creators of North America

Screen Composers of Canada

Society of Composers and Lyricists

Songwriters Association of Canada

Songwriters Guild of America

Songwriters of North America (SONA)