American music creators have always had the choice of which Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to join.  Some have signed with ASCAP, some with BMI, and others with SESAC.  Many writers have built relationships with their PROs, and have taken advantage of career-building opportunities they offer.  And they trust their PRO to pay them fairly.

But now some large publishers are "shopping" the PROs, demanding big cash deals in return for moving all their writers from one PRO to another.  It's an astonishing leap for music publishers – an unprecedented grab of rights. Is it legal? That's far from certain. Will their writers get part of that big cash payment? Who knows?

What you can do:
1. Share this information with every writer you know. 
2. Call your publisher and tell them the choice of a PRO is yours, not theirs. 
3. Call your PRO and tell them you don't want to be moved without your prior consent
4. If you are moved by your publisher, make sure you get your share of any cash payments they received. After all, it's your music.